Magento vs. Ucommerce

What’s the difference between Magento and Ucommerce? We get this question a lot and want to give a fair comparison between the two.

Magento is without a doubt the most well-known e-commerce platform worldwide – and rightfully so. It's a heavyweight contestant within the e-commerce community and has a bunch of great cases. Not to mention, they know how to do marketing.

But even though we really like Magento as an e-commerce platform, we actually think that you should consider Ucommerce for your next e-commerce solution instead. And we have strong arguments to back up our claim.


This is a bit tricky to quantify. Despite Magento being flexible in some aspects, when it comes to complex solutions, being more out-of-the-box-ready comes as a disadvantage - for example in terms of price configuration or product configuration. Ucommerce is built with customization in mind, which makes it possible to start with a simple solution and then grow into exactly the solution required for your specific business. As we tend to say, it’s not the question of if you need to extend your commerce platform, but when and how much.


It's time to get a bit more technical and pragmatic. Magento is a platform based on PHP, while Ucommerce is based on the Microsoft .NET technology. Many business systems, such as ERP, PIM or CRM, also originated from the Microsoft space and are built in .NET technology. What it means is that Ucommerce can integrate easily with majority of the 3rd party systems because it's built in the same technology. This gives you as a company the possibility to stay within the same core technology stack, and avoid having 2 systems unable to communicate with one another.


While Magento is an e-commerce platform at its core, Ucommerce has the mindset of “Content and Commerce Connected” incorporated into the DNA of everything we do. This gives you greater freedom when it comes to telling your unique brand story and letting your customers get to know you and your products better. This is key if you want to compare other parameters than just price.

And last but not least, Magento made releases that basically required their customers to upgrade their solution to a new platform. At Ucommerce, we make sure to upgrade the platform continuously, so that you as a user are able to see only small changes when we release new versions.

Don’t say it – show it!

You don’t have to take our word for it, you can just check it out yourself. Book a free personal demo with us, and we will walk you through the platform and answer all of your questions – no strings attached.


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