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Easy to use

We prioritized your user experience to make sure that you as the Digital Merchant can fully control your web store. It is all about building the right brand experience around your products, which is why you need the tools and software to do just that. We call it Ucommerce - Content & Commerce Connected.

Get help

We continuously create video guides showcasing how to use the system so you can get the most out of it. Don't be afraid to ask - we believe that it is our finest task to help you improve.

Customizable widgets

We want to make it easy to have an awesome webshop - and design is key! Ucommerce includes built-in widgets that make it easy to create a good-looking webshop which reflects your brand in the best possible way.


Online, everything moves at the speed of lightning. That's why we make sure that editing is easy and fast. You can preview your changes live and on all devices, and make the necessary changes before you release it to the world.

Let us show you how it works

Nothing is more convincing than seeing it for yourself - that's why we offer a free demo where our consultant will show you the system and answer all of your questions. No strings attached: book a free demo at a time slot that suits your calendar.

Marketing tools

Create and work with marketing campaigns, discounts, promo codes, bundling and more through our "advertise", "act" and "award" concepts.

Time-limited campaigns

Create and manage advanced marketing campaigns within a specific period of time.

Store-specific campaigns

No matter how many stores you have, you can set marketing campaigns for one or all of them.

Discounts and promo codes

Provide your customers with discounts and promotional codes on specific products, product bundles or whole orders.


A true winner at the e-commerce game delivers relevant and engaging content to their customers. Become one of them.

Tell your brand's story

We strive to give you the best possibilities to present your brand and your products in a unique and special way that suits you best.

Content made easy

The Ucommerce solution gives you all the tools you need to launch as much content as you want. You can create custom landing pages, blog posts, products pages and so on...

Give Google what it wants

It is crucial that your customers can find you on the first page of Google. Content is King - but you have to keep it relevant!

Content and Commerce Connected

We believe in the dependency between Content and Commerce, and we focus on the balance between the two.

Stay relevant

Customers look for their unique needs to be met. That is why it is the content that needs to explain why exactly your company and your products are the right fit for your customers.


Ucommerce enables you to set up rich catalogs with products to match any requirements you have.

Multi in every aspect

In Ucommerce you can have as many stores with individual characteristics as you would like!

Product variants and definitions

Variants and definitions can live side by side in multiple categories, across catalogs and stores.

Inventory management

Do multi warehouse stock management or connect to external warehousing solution.

Related products

Use upsell, cross-sell and replacement items to increase your revenue!

Brand management

Handle your online marketing campaigns for separate sales channels in one convenient location. 

Distributed Catalog Management

Let different departments manage your catalogs through distributed catalog maintenance. 


Ucommerce offers very strong integration capabilities built around the framework-first model.

Awesome API

Accomplish any integration scenario imaginable by fully exposing our core through the API.

Uconnector Integration Engine

Uconnector is the fastest way to exchange data between Ucommerce and any 3rd party system.

Integration with other systems

Integrate your store with other systems, such as PIM, ERP, DAM, etc.

Order management

Ucommerce offers a fully-featured Order Management System enabling you to work with true omnichannel retailing.

Order management and history

Easily review and process all of your orders with a snap of a finger. 

Manual order creation

With Ucommerce, you can quickly create orders received by phone or in your physical store.

Define your own order flow

Full flexibility to create the order flow that matches your business.

Print Order

Easily configure and manage orders through the "Print" capabilities in Ucommerce.

Audit trails

With Ucommerce, you can trace any of the actions that has happened on an order.

Distributed Order Management

Split orders and create specific deliveries based on one single order.


Fully customize everything from capturing customer orders and authorizing payments to fulfilling orders. 

Custom checkout flow

Take full control of your checkout process to deliver the best shopping experience.

Safe and secure payment options

Choose between payment providers or integrate easily with your own favorite existing one.

Recurring payments

Sell your products as subscription-based services for a recurring fee.

25+ out-of-the-box payment providers

Multi in every way

Do you want to expand your business? In Ucommerce you can work with unlimited languages, currencies, payment methods etc.

Store fronts

We believe in working with multiple store fronts, dependent on markets, brands, geography or whatever your need, and this is part of our core DNA.

Payment methods

Create an unlimited range of payment methods in your Ucommerce webshop. 


Create as many different stores as you want, and each of them in a different language.

Target audience

Target different audiences from the same backend, whether it's B2B and B2C or the possibility to offer the same product for  different brands, with different messages.


Do business all over the world and always offer your customers to pay in their local currency. 

Marketing campaigns

Create as many different marketing campaigns as you can think of and use them individually in each store, or reuse the same campaigns on multiple stores.


An intelligent search solution is key to optimizing the conversion rate of your webshop.

Faceted Search

Deliver better shopping experience and more convenient search through faceted search.

It's your choice!

Ucommerce comes with RavenDB out-of-the-box, but the choice of search engine is up to you.

Stellar support

It's not only about the software but also about the people involved. We hold your hand all the way.



You can always reach us

Our support team is here to help you succeed. You can always reach us by phone or email.

Highly qualified team

To stay on top of the game, we make sure that our support team keeps getting educated in the latest trends.

Video guides

We continuously create video guides showcasing how to use the system and e-commerce in general. We believe it is our task to help you to stay informed. 


Manage who should have access and permission to different areas of your system. You are in full control.

Store management permissions

Decide who can see and manage categories, orders, languages, prices and global settings.

...and so much more!

Search engine friendly

The basic idea is to provide keyword rich URLs for catalog items to increase page rank in search engines.

Product reviews and ratings

If you want to let your users rate your products, this feature also comes right out-of-the-box.

Dynamic product relations

See analyzed product purchase history and relations between purchases, and receive recommended product relations.

User and permission management

The Ucommerce Security Foundation gives you full control over the back-end users, what they should have access to and what they should be allowed to do.

Commerce in the cloud

Ucommerce supports Umbraco Cloud, Azure and other Cloud environments, giving you complete hosting freedom.

Extensions through apps

With Ucommerce you get access to our App Market where external partners and 3rd party developers can publish the apps they  made for our platform.

Don’t say it – show it!

You don’t have to take our word for it, you can just check it out yourself. Book a free personal demo with us, and we will walk you through the platform and answer all of your questions – no strings attached.


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